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Get on track for Scandinavia Capitals & Fjords Discovery

This gem of a tour took my eye, and not least because there are trains involved.

I’m no spotter and I don’t wander around with an ancient travel book like Michael Portillo, but whenever I watch a bit of Nordic Noir, it’s hard not to be impressed with the train systems in all clean, polite, efficient Scandinavian countries.

What better way to smoothly go up and down and sideways across these snowy, pine-forested, Volvo-loving lands where the people are so happy with their lifestyle? I’m tempted to find out why and Luxury Escapes has come up with an immersive tour to provide the answer.

Of course, there are stunning sights and cities to enjoy along with some excellent foodie moments and local brews and ciders to quaff as you nibble.

Set your sights on the captivating cities and fantastic fjords of the north on a breathtaking tour of Scandinavia.

Wander the colourful streets of Copenhagen and dine on traditional Danish dishes during a three-course dinner at Restaurant Paafuglen in Tivoli Gardens, then fall asleep to gentle motion of the sea as you cross the Kattegat Strait to Oslo.

Get a feel for Norway’s great outdoors as you board a train from charming Geilo to jaw-dropping Flam, where a five-course tasting menu and expertly paired local beers await.

Bergen, Norway

Toast to an effervescent cider-tasting in Balestrand, then glide through glassy fjords to exclusive Cornelius for an unforgettable dinner on a secluded island outside of Bergen.

Discover the spectacular beauty of Stockholm on a guided tour of the city’s cobbled streets and enchanting island neighbourhoods.

In Oslo, uncover incredible maritime history as you learn about Thor Heyerdahl’s fearless 1947 Kon-Tiki voyage. If that means something to you, then you’re exactly in Mildrover’s balsa wood loving demographic.

From scenic journeys through verdant valleys to fantastic food steeped in tradition, Scandinavia’s most magnificent landscapes, flavoursome dishes and cultural gems await on a whirlwind adventure that will leave you speechless.

There are two versions to choose from. The 14 night options ends with three nights in Stockholm.

Known as the Venice of the North, Sweden’s captivating capital is an alluring city of picturesque waterways and idyllic island neighbourhoods.

Discover the city’s most beloved treasures, including the enchanting sights of Gamla Stan old town, from the grand Royal Palace to the medieval Stockholm Cathedral, tracing the scent of traditional baked goods as you wander the cobbled streets across the island.

Once you’ve disembarked a full day of free time in spectacular Stockholm awaits. You’ll have ample time to wander the cobbled streets in search of the perfect kanelbullar (Swedish cinnamon bun) and what self-respecting Aussie could miss a visit to ABBA The Museum.

Tallinn, Estonia

The second version is 18 days and ends in Helsinki, including a ferry across to Tallinn in Estonia for the day, a Baltic state dripping with history… and vodka of course.

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Michael G Browne
Michael G Browne
Michael G Browne is a crime author (Money Bags), comedy writer an inveterate traveller.

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