Cuba keeps the wheels turning

Cuba is on the move. Its government Cuba and the USA are talking about allowing direct flights from American soil, although, while the USA is gung-ho, the Cubans are more reticent. And the first US-based cruise...

Cuba gets ready to rock as Obama and the Stones roll in

"Compromiso," says Johan Machin Morales, owner of one of Cuba's most popular casa particulares, "that is all we really need." Johan is referring to Cubans' hopes for the outcomes from the visit of American President...

Perfumed path from movie madness

Between the Cannes film festival, the motor racing Grand Prix in Monaco and billionaire weddings in Antibes you can sample more glamour along France’s Cote D’Azure than you can shake a champagne flute at. ...

Work for free to free the bears

The old moon bear is not for sharing. A cracked open coconut has been tossed into his enclosure and he is alternating chews with muffled growls as the younger bears sidle up .   If...

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