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Walking in Portugal – a daily diary

This is an experiment.  Can I keep a daily diary of my trip to Portugal to walk a 120 stretch of the Rota Vicentina? Can I do the bloody walk, let alone write about...

Walking in Portugal: Day 2 – London, Lisbon and beyond

  90 minutes till we land at Heathrow and the logjam at the bathrooms is already forming as 300 passengers try to perform a full travel wash, shave and do their hair before...

Walking in Portugal: Day 3 – Porto Covo to Milfontes

  Before I get back into this, a word of explanation and caution.  There's a special kind of ego and insanity that inspires you to announce you will be writing a daily travel blog. "Oh, will...

Walking in Portugal: Day 4 – Milfontes to Almograve

Yesterday, I neglected to note the sad passing of a pair of reliable friends.  One of Kieran's sturdy walking boots gave up the ghost about 5km out of Milfontes, its flapping sole sucking up sand...

Walking in Portugal: Day 5 – Longueira to Zambujeira Do Mar

A word about breakfasts: there's a lot of bread.  In most of the B&Bs and small hotels where we stayed along the route, breakfast was simple but sufficient.  Fresh orange juice and drinkable coffee...

Walking in Portugal: Day 7 – Odeceixe to Aljezur

“I am not walking down that f#$%^&g hill just to f#$%^&g walk back up again.”  I can’t recall if those were the precise words I used but the general gist is spot on. Kieran and...

Walking in Portugal: Day 6 – Zambujeira to Odeceixe

First, a word about feet. Before I set off for Portugal, my wonderful wife who tries to look after me, insisted I get a haircut.  She might have done better to suggest a pedicure. ...

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