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Whether it’s castles, caves or cathedrals, everyone has their own must-see list when they travel.  Here are some ideas. 

Forget guide books – fiction will help you find your way

By Jimmy Thomson If you love books and travel, there’s something doubly enjoyable about reading a novel set in the very place that you’re visiting. Author Mark...

Military History: Our Secular Religion

“Our military history is so ingrained in the Australian psyche,” says Mat McLachlan, “You can understand why people have called it our secular religion.”

War in times of peace

War is Hell but battlefield tours have never been more popular, with more commemorations than ever battling for the tourist dollar writes JIMMY THOMSON.   What’s the big attraction with battlefield tours? If you’re fascinated...

Ten hot (and cold) destinations in Asia

From a ski resort in Japan to and underwater paradise in the Philippines, world travellers are always looking for those perfect destinations that have not yet been over-run by tourists but has all the facilities you...

Scenes of the crimes

By Jimmy Thomson The elegant woman along the counter had seen better days and worse nights, judging by her sad eyes and “step away”...

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