This is an experiment.  Can I keep a daily diary of my trip to Portugal to walk a 120 stretch of the Rota Vicentina? Can I do the bloody walk, let alone write about it. I set off from Sydney this week to meet my writer friend Kieran and tackle the longest walk I have ever undertaken in my life.  Read on  …


Day 1: Flying out of Sydney, premium economy on BA, you forget how bloody long that trip to London really is.  Seats in Premium on the 737-300 are big enough but the tall guy next to me struggles a little, even with the generous leg room.

Note to self, book an aisle seat next time – you’re over the wing anyway so a window seat has nothing going for it apart from some minimal random space between your seat and the side wall.

Service is OK and the food is surprisingly palatable.  But a nightclub queue style rope appears across the gangway blocking our access to the Business Class toilets.

And that is an issue.  There are only two toilets for all of premium and economy on our side of the plane.  An hour out of Singapore, one of them is locked off because it’s “out of order”.

What’s really out of order is the security check at Singapore.  This now occurs at your boarding gate, meaning a planeload of passengers, given 40 minutes to stretch their legs, spend most of it queuing to have the bags they just took off the same bloody plane run through an X-Ray machine again.

There has to be a smarter way.  Back on the plane. London, Lisbon and beyond tomorrow.

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