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Qantas announces non-stop flights to UK and NYC

Qantas has announce orders for new plane capable of flying passengers non-stop to anywhere in the world.

According to a press release issued this week, flights are scheduled for take-off in late 2025 starting with Sydney to London and New York.

“We’re extremely excited to announce an order of 12 A350-1000s, an aircraft designed to redefine the way we travel with the ability to fly non-stop from Australia to almost anywhere in the world,” says the press release.

Inside the proposed First Class cabins

“Partnering with Airbus and Australian industrial designer, David Caon, our A350 promises a five-star flying experience with premium designer details and all new levels of luxurious comfort. Over forty percent of the aircraft will be dedicated to our premium cabins.”

With London-bound travellers still spending 20 hours in transit, comfort and personal health with be at a premium.

The proposed Wellbeing Zone.

For the privileged few there will be six roomy First Class suites complete with a privacy doors, separate beds and lounge chairs, an individual wardrobes and a 32” inflight entertainment screen. (See the Youtube video for more details.)

The planes’ Wellbeing Zones will features a self-serve snack station and digital displays providing movement and stretching exercises to keep the blood flowing during what will be the longest flights you can take in one hop.

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