15 things you MUST do in Saigon

Author and travel writer Jimmy Thomson  has been to Vietnam more times than he can recall without checking his passports. Here is his guide to the best experiences in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)...

Pay attention! Your guide is talking

Our tour guide Mr Sok looks angry, very angry. “But I have told you this before!” he snaps, not even bothering to try to conceal his irritation. “Were you not listening?” It had been an...

Forget guide books – fiction will help you find your way

By Jimmy Thomson If you love books and travel, there’s something doubly enjoyable about reading a novel set in the very place that you’re visiting. Author Mark Dapin once told me it was an ambition of his...

Tips for wannabe travel guides

If you are ever in a position to be a tour guide - official or otherwise - there are a few golden rules you show try to follow ... beyond getting your fellow travellers...

The hidden secrets of smart packing

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, you’ll always need to deal with the sometimes-daunting task of packing your suitcase. Travel writer Elizabeth Pratt provides these essential tips for Skyscanner Australia on how to avoid common...

50 essential tips for happy travel

Do you address someone by their first name in a foreign country? Should you take an antibiotic with you when you travel in case you get ill? Is it ever advisable to eat on the...

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