Pedals test the mettle in a Vietnam adventure

  I don’t know what it was that inspired me to embark on a four-day cycling adventure in Vietnam with my (grown-up) son. We were meeting there to spend a week together anyway but four days...

CARGO CULT: Cruising Pacific islands by working freighter

Nothing adds to the pleasure of a holiday quite like watching other people working, discovers  Jimmy Thomson, especially when it's in the most remote islands in the Pacific There’s a first time for everything, especially on...

Venice Virgin: A film festival first-timer

Back in September 1999 (was it really that long ago?) My partner Sue and I covered the Venice Film Festival. It was her second time there, and my first. As a Venice Virgin I found...

Glasgow’s hidden gems

It’s 3.30 on a fairly typical Glasgow Spring afternoon, and I am standing in horizontal freezing rain in the midst of a fake Neolithic stone circle. Behind me, a 20-storey apartment block – which...

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