About Us

Welcome to the Mild Rover: Have Hat Will Travel, a website for people who have already been there and done that and, in these post-pandemic times, want to do it again.

Sue and Jimmy at Uxmal, near Merida, in Mexico

Or perhaps you simply want to enjoy the occasional vicarious adventure through other wanderers’ words and pictures.

We have been very lucky in our travelling lives, having been able to combine our love of travel with our writing, which is both work and pleasure.

Now we want to encourage more mature adventurers (like us) who haven’t lost the travel bug, to spread your wings again.

As well as being and award-winning travel writer, Sue has written 25 books ranging from biographies to historical fiction. You can find links to her entire output on her website.

When not writing TV dramas, an apartment living newspaper column and crime novels, Jimmy has hosted tours to Vietnam that went well beyond the noodles and temples trail. You can find out more on his website too.

Between us, we have visited almost 100 different countries and written more than 40 published books.  We have also had countless travel pieces published in Traveller, the Australian Financial Review, Escape (News Ltd) and other newspapers and magazines.

But that’s all another time, another place. This website is intended to let you know what’s happening in the travel world and showcase our work and that of other travel writers, in the hope that it will inspire you to once again hit the road for a new adventure.