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Sue and Jimmy at Uxmal, near Merida, in Mexico

Welcome to the Mild Rover: Have Hat Will Travel, a website for people who love travel and enjoy the occasional vicarious adventure through other wanderers’ words and pictures.

Sue Williams and Jimmy Thomson have been very lucky in their travelling lives – with Sue’s adventures starting early as a backpacker (as recorded hilariously in her book Getting There – Journeys of an Accidental Adventurer).   

Since then, Sue has become the author of more than 20 published books, several of which introduced readers to the people of Australia’s outback. She also writes regularly for the Traveller section in the Sydney Morning Herald, Sun-Herald and Melbourne Age.

Jimmy admits to having come to travel later in life but since the age of 30 has worked in six different countries on four continents and has gone from naive traveller to tour guide (“possibly naive then, too,” he says).

Also a widely published author, he has two non-fiction books set in Vietnam during the “American war” – Tunnel Rats and A Sappers War – and his second crime novel Tunnel Vision is set in modern-day Saigon.

Between them, Sue and Jimmy have visited almost 100 different countries and written more than 40 published books.  They have also had countless travel pieces published in Traveller, the Australian Financial Review, Escape (News Limited) and other newspapers and magazines.

You can find out more about all their other projects – and they are many – through their websites suewilliams.com.au and jimmythomson.com

Meanwhile this website represents a growing collection of their new adventures and recently published travel pieces. If they inspire you to do some real travelling, that’s great.  See the world while it’s still there, they say.  Otherwise, just sit back and enjoy rest of the site.


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  1. Jimmy, I saw a picture from Sung Sot cave with a boat framed in the opening and it was very appealing, nice job on that. I do digital paintings based on photographs and would like to use that shot but not without your permission. Currently this is only a hobby but after retiring in the next year or so I hope to be able to make the artwork return a modest amount. In any event credits for the shot will be give if you do allow me to use it as a basis for my digital painting.



    1. Hi Ron

      If the picture you are referring to is of the boat with sails pictured from inside a cave, I’m afraid it’s not mine. I lifted it from a Vietnam tourism website so, as far as I’m concerned , go for it.

      But thanks for asking anyway.


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