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New app reveals 800 walking routes near you

Discovering great new walks and public spaces across NSW is as easy as a tap on your smartphone with the launch of a new online tool to connect people to iconic locations, including parks, beaches, libraries, museums, and lively streets.

The free Walks Near Me interactive digital map has thousands of opportunities to discover great public spaces across the state and create your own walking itineraries to visit them.

The tool brings together geographic data from across the state into a single digital tool, optimised for mobile phone use and which can be found on the website.

Using the app, people can create personalised routes, then save and share their favourites with their friends and family.

The new tool is home to more than 800 walks and offers a range of resources, including sharing the stories and history of a park or region, discovering events, and informing people about the amenities and experiences available.

The Walks Near Me digital map will be updated regularly on points of interest and route options.

Walks Near Me was developed in partnership between Transport for NSW and the Department of Customer Service’s OneCX Program, which makes it easier to find, use, and understand information from the NSW Government.

The Walks Near Me interactive tool is available at:   

“This isn’t just about highlighting great places to visit, it’s about customising an exciting walking experience for each individual, so they can not only see these sights but enjoy every step along the way,” NSW Transport Minister Jo Haylen said:

“The NSW Government is committed to making it easier for people to get out and walk and discovering new places to enjoy, like the Western Sydney Parklands and Callan Park, or hidden gems like the beautiful Dangar Falls in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park.”

NSW Minister for Customer Service Jihad Dib agreed. “There are so many advantages to enjoying a good walk and a tool like this makes it easier than ever for people to get outside, get active and get the most out of this beautiful state we live in,” he said.

“Whether you want to explore parts of the state you’ve never seen before or discover secret spots in your own neighbourhood, Walks Near Me brings together information from parks, gardens, landmarks and places of interest from across the State into a single digital tool to help plan your next adventure with just a few taps.”

“This is a wonderful example of how digital technology can make our everyday lives a little easier.”

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