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Go Greek Island hopping, walking and lunching.

We get a lot of requests for new walking holiday ideas, not least from the seasoned walking-talking-writing, Jimmy T and bypass buddy Kieren P.

The trusted team at On Foot Holidays, have test walked some very tempting Greek Island walking holidays, in this case a seven day stroll through Islands of Naxos and Amorgos, dates starting April 2024.

If this is your first time considering a walking holiday, you probably have one question before you read much further;

Just how much walking are we talking?

Here are the approximations for Full days:

  • Naxos 9-12 km per day, 3-4 hrs walking,
  • Maximum grade, easy to medium
  • Amorgos 8-15 km per day, 2½-5 hrs walking.
  • Maximum grade, easy to medium
  • Using shortening options: None, but you decide each day whether to choose an easy walk or a harder, or even opt out and go to the beach!

Now you’ve got in mind the level of exertion required, I’ll let On Foot’s Simon, Mary, Harriet and Fi take you from here.

The two-island route offers some fine walking on two contrasting islands, each with its own special flavour.

The scenery in both is splendid and the walking very fine; while the larger island of Naxos has a great variety of sights and walks, its smaller cousin Amorgos reminds one of earlier times when tourism in the Aegean was far less developed.

The sea, with its swimming opportunities, is always at hand, and we help you to find the best.

On Naxos you are based in or near Naxos Old Town, whose Venetian heritage is clear in the Kastro dominating the labyrinthine alleys, a cornucopia of little blue-and-white shops and restaurants.

Courtesy of our enthusiastic taxi man Giannis (taxis to and from the Naxos walks are included in the basic holiday price), the best walking on the island is available to you.

Visit the half-finished, ancient statues (Kouros) lying in a farmer’s field, the pretty villages of the interior (Apiranthos, Filoti and Chalki), and the beach at Lionas, where you can be royally lunched, and sleep the afternoon away after home-made honey raki and a swim.

Walk to the temple of Demeter or ascend Mt Zas, the highest mountain in the Cyclades at 1000m, and get back in time for delicious filo pastries in the village bars.

Amorgos is quite another matter. Lonely and far less developed, the walking embraces the authentic culture of the island while giving some thrilling views and experiences – notably the Monastery of Chozoviotiza, clinging limpet-like to its cliff, followed by a walk along the spine of the island back to your pension in quiet Aegiali.

Two further walks will take you through the villages of the northern end of the island, and to a windy outpost, accessible only by a cliff path.

Standard option (see “itinerary”): Seven nights (4 Naxos, 3 Amorgos), but you can choose to stay longer on each island, and hire a car locally if you wish to explore each more fully.

Single island options also available (recommended for shorter stays). Minimum stays on each island: Naxos 3 nights (July/August 4), Amorgos 2 (July/August 3). Minimum total stay 5 nights.

Note that ferry transfers between the two islands are lengthy (2-4 hours) and that access to Naxos is either by ferry from Santorini (2 hrs), Mykonos (1½ hrs) or Piraeus (6 hrs), or by daily flight from Athens only. Flight and ferry times may mean an overnight near the airport on either the outward or return journey. We advise you to discuss your flight plans with On Foot Holidays first before settling on the shape of the holiday.

Prices start from 770 GBP (A$1500 or thereabouts at today’s exchange rate) for seven nights. For all prices and bookings from On Foot Holidays, CLICK HERE

Michael G Browne
Michael G Browne
Michael G Browne is a crime author (Money Bags), comedy writer an inveterate traveller.

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