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CitizenM: Quirky, funky, fun and comfy

To say CitizenM hotels are quirky could be the understatement of any travel article.

Huge beds that take up half the room, shower and bathroom modules that change colour according to the settings you put in on your phone, bottomless breakfasts, comfy lounges, full bar, friendly staff and self check-in and check-out are just a few of the features that distinguish this very European chain from its competitors.

Priced above the cheap-sleep hotels but below the traditional holiday or full-service commercial properties, CitizenM has a youthful, arty vibe. 

For instance, the “do not disturb” signs say “Shh, I’m writing” (or they did the last time I was there) and a notebook is provided for your next brilliant idea.

If there is no one with you to share your giant bed, there’s a weird cushion doll to snuggle up to.

I stayed in the CitizenM Glasgow three separate times on my recent trip to Scotland and, simply put, staying there helps make travel more of a pleasurable event than a chore.

There are 21 CitizenMs in operation, mostly in Europe, with a few in North America and a couple in Asia.  There are currently 10 more in the pipeline – you can find a complete list here.

They are fun, funky, immensely practical and hugely welcoming.  One flaw – they don’t have a kettle in the room. 

But hey, if they don’t want me visiting the bar in my pyjamas to grab a coffee in the middle of the night when the jet lag sets in, then they need to feed my caffeine habit in the room, where I’m working.

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