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When in Rome … roam by scooter

There are so many places and activities in Italy and especially Rome that have the word “iconic” attached to them that the word is almost rendered redundant.

And there are few modes of transport that are so quintessentially Italian than motor scooters – whether it’s Vespas or Lambrettas.

So at this point we’ll let the PRs for the Anantara Palazzo Naiadi Rome Hotel take the handlebars to steer us through their “Eat, Pray Love” experience.

Zip through Rome’s labyrinth of passages and alleyways in an iconic Vespa sidecar as part of the hotel’s “Eat, Pray & Love” Signature Experience where discerning travellers can traverse Rome’s colourful districts and explore the city’s artistic charm and tantalising flavours.

From the vibrant Trastevere to the elegant Trevi, every district in Rome has its own appeal and the Eat, Pray & Love Signature Experience provides three hours of active and meaningful immersion into the city’s community, culture and local experiences.

Guests can indulge in the best artisanal pastries at Biscotteria Innocenti, savour award-winning vegan chocolate at Grezzo Raw Chocolate, marvel at the iconic Moses sculpture by Michelangelo at San Pietro in Vincoli, witness the rare craftsmanship of handmade globes and hourglasses at Polvere del Tempo and observe the original crypt of the virgin martyr Saint Cecilia at Santa Cecilia Church.

All tours are guided by the hotel’s knowledgeable Streetwise Guru to ensure that guests truly experience the sights, sounds and spirituality of a city that changes continuously.

Located in the city centre in one of the most enviable locations, Anantara Palazzo Naiadi Rome is the perfect base for a day of exploration. Fronting the Piazza della Repubblica, the hotel is within walking distance of iconic sites such as the Fori Imperiali, Via Veneto, Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. After a day of immersion, guests can return to an evening of rooftop relaxation overlooking the Eternal City.

With 238 rooms and suites spread across two wings and four floors, guests can choose from a variety of accommodations each with its own unique characteristics, whether an open-plan design with a mezzanine, a stunning balcony overlooking the piazza, or a serene rooftop terrace.

The Eat, Pray & Love Signature Experience is €300 for two passengers by golf cart, €140 per person for a Vespa sidecar, €148 per person (for up to three passengers) for a private Mercedes E Class and €300 for two people on foot. The experience must be booked at least 48 hours in advance to ensure availability and includes private transfers.

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