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Japan gourmet small-group tour with multi-course dining

I often marvel at how beautifully prepared and presented is the food is at my local Japanese restaurant. Even the tiniest salad seems to possess special powers of flavour and aesthetics.

How a square of silken bean curd can be transformed into Agedashi Tofu is one of the culinary wonders of the world. I’ve tried and it was a disaster.

So I can only dream of how amazing high-end Japanese cuisine must be in Japan itself and here’s a Luxury Escapes tour that can make your dreams come true.

Complex flavours and sumptuous dining await on this small-group gourmet tour of Japan’s culinary capitals (max. 20 travellers). Sip sake from a centuries-old recipe at a historic brewery in Kobe and savour the buttery tender texture of Kobe beef.

From Kobe Harborland to Tokyo’s bustling Tsukiji Outer Market, Japan’s spectacular seafood is a point of pride. Local specialties like rich Nagoya-style grilled eel and moreish Osakan takoyaki tell a story about the fishing tradition in Japan.

From the sweeping vistas of Mount Fuji to the waterfront views of its harbour cities, the freshness and flavour found in every dish are a testament to the exquisite quality of Japan’s coastal cuisines.

The culinary craftsmanship doesn’t stop at seafood. Uji green tea offers creamy calm in a cup, while the elaborate configuration of dishes in kaiseki ryori invite presence and consideration with every bite.

Kobe may be widely known for its deeply marbled and tender beef, but the city is also home to some of Japan’s oldest sake breweries, where you can taste centuries of recipe development with a single sip.

Try your hand at kneading and rolling chewy udon noodles under the tutelage of Takamatsu’s masters and eat as the wrestlers do with a spectacular chanko nabe or ‘sumo stew’ hot pot.

Even experience the meticulous flavours and masterful curation of a traditional multi-course kaiseki ryori as you watch a mesmerising geisha performance.

Travel comfortably with included airport transfers and private coach transport throughout your trip, and let your expert English-speaking guide uncover the rich history of Japan’s magnificent temples and imposing castles.

Visit the profoundly moving Atomic Bomb Dome and reflect on the impacts of war as you walk through Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

Make your pilgrimage to Fushimi Inari Shrine, through innumerable vermilion torii gates, then marvel at the slopes of Mount Fuji.

Toast your journey with a welcome bottle of sake and bring a piece of Japanese culture home in the form of a beautifully crafted sake set.

For all the details and pricing for this 11 day, 10 night tour from Luxury Escapes, CLICK HERE

Michael G Browne
Michael G Browne
Michael G Browne is a crime author (Money Bags), comedy writer an inveterate traveller.

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