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On a roll for a bag I really don’t need

Ok, I have to admit it, I’m a luggage junkie.  If I’d had a criminal career, it would have been as a bag man.  I turn up at events with my talented and popular wife, happy to be referred to as her “handbag”.

I have a range of suitcases so extensive and therefore unused that some of their passports have expired. I have the full range of Black Wolf wheelie duffel bags, a camera backpack, a hiking backpack, a wheeled backpack and even a wheeled briefcase.

But there’s still one style of bag that I lust after – but can’t possibly justify buying. It’s a hard-shell, four-spinner, carry-on case with a laptop pocket at the front.

Every time I travel I am consumed by envy at the passengers who load up the overhead bins with their shiny, ribbed, perfectly sized cabin bags.  Jealousy almost overcomes the frustration when they lay them flat and lengthways, taking up the space for three bags if they were veritcal, on their sides and with wheels at the back.

The standard spinner cases are OK but I need a laptop pocket so I can whip mine out at security and when I get to my seat, with minimal faffing around.  So which one? There are so many to choose from.

The July range looks very smooth (although the price tag is pretty rough). I don’t want a case that proclaims me to be an American Tourister (unless I am actually in America).

Samsonite is a bit old school and you are paying a premium for the label so I have surfed into a brand called Tydeckare – which I have never head of before.

It’s got everything I need – locks, pockets, wheels – and it’s the right price; in fact, it’s cheaper that most of the other brands.  Amazon is selling the 20-inch version for $111 and it has 65 % 5-star reviews (jeez, people can be brutal when they don’t get exactly what they want).

So why don’t I just buy one?  Firstly, I don’t really need one and secondly, how do you pronounce Tydeckare?

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