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Take a month and tick off the Med’s hottest spots

If you’re the owner of a bucket list and a permanent marker to tick them off, then this might just be the Mediterranean cruise you’ve been waiting for.

Think of all the great ancient and modern European cities you want to visit and this double voyage from Cruise Traveller should have you covered.

Athens, Dubrovnik, Split, Venice, Rome, Barcelona, Gibraltar and Lisbon are some of the cities you’ll enjoy. Throw in some islands, Santorini, Argostoli, Majorca and I think it’s safe to say you’ll have “Done” the Med.

Lisbon Cable Car

The month starts on 5 May 2025 in Athens and concludes on what will most probably be a lovely Lisbon summer’s day on 4 June 2025. Save thousands with prices that start at AU $10,680 per person. Another big plus is a three night free hotel stay at both ends, Athens and Lisbon. If that’s a big tick off your list, delve now into more details from Cruise Traveller.

Your journey begins in Athens, offering infinite opportunities to visit iconic ancient sites and awe-inspiring architecture. From Athens, embark on a four-port journey through the enchanting Ionian Greek Isles, including stops at Monemvasia and Argostoli.

Next, unwind at sea after days of exploration. Relax poolside, indulge in a massage at The Sanctum Spa, or savor artisanal cocktails at Atlas Bar–the choice is yours.

From there, enjoy an overnight stay in the canal-laden city of Venice. On day nine, you’ll be whisked away to the Adriatic Sea and Croatia’s scenic Dalmatian coastline before sailing for the cliffside town of Sorrento.

Gaze on the majestic Isle of Capri as you indulge in freshly caught seafood. The Eternal City of Rome is your final stop, where no two visits are alike. 

This cruise is part of our 2025 World Cruise.

First Cruise Highlights

Climb to the top of Resurrection Hill and explore the Orthodox Church of Resurrection, overlooking the Aegean Sea in Syros.

Sip and savor Grecian vintages, walk the cobbled streets of Oia, and experience panoramic vistas of Santorini.

Visit Slovenia’s capital city Ljubljana while in Koper. Explore the bustling medieval streets on foot and embark on a short voyage of the Ljubljana River. 

Transport yourself to ancient times in Split, Croatia, and wander Trogir, a centuries-old city. Marvel at the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, a prime example of Croatian sacral architecture.

While in Dubrovnik, embark on an evening cruise aboard the Galleon Karaka, a replica 16th-century ship. Or, cycle your way through the lush Konavle Valley and pop into a vineyard for light snacks and local wine offerings. 

Visit Kotor, Montenegro, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and journey to the village of Tici for a taste of local life. While wandering the town, visit a historic olive oil mill and sample a range of varietals.

For the many deals, room choices and prices from Cruise Traveller, plus to snare the three night stay free offer in both Athens and Lisbon, CLICK HERE

Michael G Browne
Michael G Browne
Michael G Browne is a crime author (Money Bags), comedy writer an inveterate traveller.

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