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History, mystery and Harry Pottery on epic canal route

This is the stuff of legends. From the mythology of the Loch Ness monster via the cultural phenomenon of the Harry Potter books and movies to the original “power couple” who helped turn Australia from a prison camp to a thriving colony, this gem of a cruise has everything.

And even if you just appreciate the rugged Scottish coastline, the brooding distant mountains and river cruising on a boutique luxury boat, this is a next-level opportunity.

You may not see Nessie (the Loch Ness Monster) but if you have some Scots in your lineage, there’s no better place to be wearing your clan’s tartan. Research at and ask your partner for honest feedback if they think you’ll rock a kilt or are better off with a scarf or trews (that’s Scottish for trousers of course).

Also, there’s a chance to ride a very well-known train over a very famous bridge and shout in a French accent from a Pythonesque castle.

Australian small ship cruising specialist, Cruise Traveller, is offering a saving of £200 British pounds per person for bookings made by September 6, 2024. It’s their way to get Aussies onboard the classic, 52-guest Lord of the Glens, for the unique experience.

One of the world’s smallest cruise lines, Lord of the Glens, which operates an elegant, boutique vessel of the same name, its design and fit-out inspired by the Royal Yacht Britannia, offers lovers of ‘slow travel’ an intimate journey through the wild and far-flung isles, lochs, canals and highlands of Scotland.

The Lord of the Glens was purpose-built to explore the pristine and intricate waterways of the Scottish Highlands, including the historic Caledonian Canal, the famous, hauntingly deep waters of Loch Ness – deeper than the North Sea – and Scotland’s many pristine islands and dramatic coastlines, dotted with castles and quaint, storybook hamlets.

Modelled on the elegance of the monarchy’s Royal Yacht Brittania, the stylish Lord of the Glens boasts a rich, traditional ambience with polished wood, teak decks, personal service and gourmet dinners sourced from fresh Scottish produce. Fares include shore excursions and all cabins boast water views of Scotland’s ruggedly spectacular coastline.

Cruise Traveller is offering a trio of six-night cruises this October aboard Lord of the Glens from Oban to Inverness in Scotland or vice versa.

The centrepiece of each of the identical journeys is a passage along the length of the historic, 100km-long Caledonian Canal which connects Scotland’s east and west coasts and takes guests through the Scottish Highlands via 29 locks and four lochs including Loch Ness, home to the myth of ‘Nessie’, the monster.     

The route from Inverness to Oban heads down the Caledonian Canal, built in the 1820s, past the breathtaking ruins of 800-year-old Urquhart Castle and through Loch Ness and other brooding lakes that lie in the shadow of mighty Ben Nevis, Scotland’s highest peak.

As a side tour, guests will take a train ride across the beautiful Glenfinnan Rail Viaduct which starred in the Harry Potter films.

The journey takes in the tower house of Castle Stalker where the hit film, ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’, was filmed and, passing the former home of Elizabeth Macquarie at Appin, heads to the Isle of Mull where you’ll find her last resting place alongside her husband Lachlan in a mausoleum maintained by the Australian government.

The Macquaries not only gave Sydney a multitude of placenames, he is widely credited with naming the whole country as well as establishing the concept of the “fair go”.

Including shore touring, the six-night cruise aboard Lord of the Glens is available from £1980 British Pounds per person, twin-share – a saving of £100 British Pounds if booked by September 6, 2024. 

Three sailings are available – October 6, 12 and 18, 2024. Fare based on the October 12 and 18 departures.   Flights from Australia are additional.

For all the details and pricing, call Cruise Traveller, on 1800 507 777 or CLICK HERE

Hike the Caledonian Canal, Monster optional.

Cruise the wild waterways of Scotland

How Elizabeth Macquarie defied “fake news” to restore her husband’s reputation.

Michael G Browne
Michael G Browne
Michael G Browne is a crime author (Money Bags), comedy writer an inveterate traveller.

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