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Kyoto video lures travellers … but gently

It’s relatively easy to write and record a promotional film about a place that’s famous for being all action, all the time.  You’d imagine a promo video about New York, Las Vegas or even Tokyo would be all jump-cuts and zooms, flashing neon and frantic action.

But what if you want to sell somewhere that’s  renowned for being a haven of peace and tranquillity?

Kyoto City and the Kyoto City Tourism Association have collaborated on a captivating new promotional video series, “Where Every Corner Sparks Discovery,” to showcase the diverse charms of Kyoto to international audiences (it says here).

And they’ve  just about pulled it off.  With nary a smash cut nor strobing streetlight to be seen, their videos have persuaded this Mild Rover that Kyoto has to be on my bucket list -and near the top too.  

The main six-minute video follows the unique journey of two travellers, Mac and Karen, as they explore Kyoto’s historic streets and breathtaking landmarks.

Separated, Karen embarks on her own spontaneous journey, guided by instinct and chance encounters, while Mac follows the planned itinerary, visiting iconic sites like Fushimi Inari Shrine.

As the day unfolds, the paths of Mac and Karen intermittently cross, each experiencing Kyoto’s treasures from their unique perspectives. From the serene morning light at a tranquil temple to the bustling energy of a local bar, the video captures the essence of Kyoto’s timeless charm and vibrant spirit.

Accompanying the main video are a series of short-form videos, each lasting 30 seconds, offering brief glimpses into what awaits visitors in Kyoto, whether it’s savouring a traditional Kyoto kaiseki meal or strolling through Higashiyama at nigh.

All videos in the series are available for download via the Kyoto City Tourism application, providing convenient access for users to share the magic of Kyoto across g social media, websites, and international business meetings.  Application LINK

“Kyoto is a unique place in the world, both at and beyond the well-known iconic sites there is so much more for visitors to discover.” said Alison Roberts-Brown, Australia Representative for Kyoto City Tourism Association. “These videos reveal some of Kyoto oldest and newest highlights and will inspire travellers to experience and discover their own very own Kyoto”.

To view the promotional videos and start planning your journey to Kyoto, click on this [LINK].

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