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Take your time on the whole of the Rhine

When i happen across a cruise that includes highlights as contrasting as the Museum of Medieval Torture, and Siegfried Wendel’s Mechanical Music Cabinet in a 15th century castle, I have an urge to nudge the nearest person and say “check this out.”

And so to see both these wonders for real, and some undeniably stunning scenery, I have to point you in the direction of a seven night, length of the Rhine Cruise, courtesy of Cruise Traveller.

You get a choice of direction too. You can either cruise from Basel to Cologne or Cologne to Basel. Further consideration is needed. There is wine museum too.

From North to South, you can’t help but be amazed. On a river cruise along the Rhine, natural and cultural landscapes alternate and lively European cities with history and charm await you.

The delightful waterways of the Netherlands are best discovered on a river cruise.

At nicko cruises, they believe that a river cruise should be much more than just a trip on a river.

They would like to invite you to rediscover the art of travel on some of Europe’s and the world’s most beautiful waterways.

Reflecting on their slow cruising philosophy, they allow plenty of time for their guests to experience what makes water travel so unique: it is all about surrendering to the flow of time, feeling the rhythm of the elements close up and making lasting memories.

Castles shrouded in legend, bustling metropolises and romantic wine regions.

From the Rhine Knee near Basel through the Upper Rhine lowlands and the impressive breakthrough through the Rhenish slate mountains to the delta in the Netherlands, this Central European river shows off its full beauty in its diverse countryside.

You’ve got to hear this

You’ll visit the most interesting cities in four countries, with impressive monuments, vineyards, castles and ruins as far as the eye can see – a week full of experiences.

Two Ports to get to know better;

Koblenz is a German city situated on both banks of the Rhine at its confluence with the Moselle, where the Deutsches Eck (German Corner) and its monument (Emperor William I on horseback) are situated. It is a historical city with remains dating back to 1000BC.

Koblenz boasts extensive defensive works, including forts crowning the hills encircling the town to the west, and the citadel of Ehrenbreitstein on the opposite bank of the Rhine.

Since 1890, the city has consisted of the Altstadt (old city) and the Neustadt (new city) or Klemenstadt. Of these, the Altstadt is closely built and has only a few fine streets and squares, while the Neustadt possesses numerous broad streets and a handsome frontage along the Rhine.

Rudesheim is a town in the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis, Hesse, Germany. It is located on the right (east) bank of the Rhine, at the southern entrance to the Loreley valley.

Rudesheim has been famous for its Drosselgasse since the end of the 19th century. Its wine bars and cafes offer non-stop music and dancing.

The Castle Broemserburg houses the famous Wine Museum.

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Michael G Browne
Michael G Browne
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